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El equipo de reTH!NKING se complace en presentar el nuevo concurso: #019 Concurso Proyecto Final de carrera (PFC/TFG). Rethinking cumple 4 años. 4 años desde que se lanzara el primer concurso y donde desde el primer momento los participantes nos han demandado un tipo de concurso en particular. Un concurso donde se premio de una manera simbólica además de económica todo el esfuerzo que supone un año de trabajo para un proyecto final de carrera. Y después de 18 concursos aquí os presentamos el primer concurso que premia a los mejores proyectos final de carrera.

The reTH!NKING team is pleased to present the new contest: # 019 Final Project Contest (PFC / TFG). Rethinking turns 4 years old. 4 years since the first contest was launched and where from the first moment the participants have asked us for a particular type of contest. A contest in which all the effort of a year of work for a final project is awarded in a symbolic and economic way. And after 18 contests here we present the first contest that awards the best final projects.


Rethinking wants to reward the degree final projects according to three categories: LANDSCAPE, RESIDENTIAL BUILDING AND PUBLIC BUILDING. Each category will have an independent prize. All the projects presented can concur to all the themes. A project can be awarded only once. It will be the jury that evaluates within which category the project can be included.


Last registration and FAQ ends – 8 March 2019

Submission deadline – 8 March 2019

PAdmission list publication in reTHINKING official website – 9 March 2019

Winners announcement and media disclousure – April 2019


  • 1ST PRIZE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING –  1.500€ and be part of the Jury in the next contest.
  • 1ST PRIZE PUBLIC BUILDING –  1.500€ and be part of the Jury in the next contest.
  • 1ST PRIZE LANDSCAPE –  1.500€ and be part of the Jury in the next contest.

In addition the rethinking team is committed to the dissemination of the project through:

  • Publishing in blogs / architecture websites
  • Publication in reTHINKING media

Rethinking is an organization which obtains only and exclusively the prize money through the registration account. Every participant who presents must understand and assume said precedent. In the event that the number of participants is less than the minimum to achieve the total amount of the prize; The winner or winners will be equally distributed the money obtained for that purpose.


Francisco Martinez Arquitecto Blog - Colaboration re


Miriam Dabrio – Decana Colegio Arquitectos Huelva
Manuel Campos Mira – Campos Architects
German López Mena – PhD Architect University Professor
Javier Serrano Fajardo – Juan Copado Bocero. Winners #10 Competition


Full Competition Terms & Conditions:
See reTH!NKING website and pdf.

Architecture Competition Organisers:

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